5 Things You Should Know About Traveling to Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the most beautiful landlocked countries in the world. It is mountainous country in the central Europe situated between France and Austria. The nature has gifted an enchanting landscape to Switzerland without any limitation. When we think about the natural beauty of a country, Switzerland is like a heaven in the earth. Large amount of elegant lakes and snow-capped peaks of Alps enhance the natural beauty of Switzerland. When we consider about the lakes, there are nearly 7,000 lakes in Switzerland. This is a very peaceful country with a 25 precent of populations are foreigners.

Other than mesmerizing beauty of the country, Switzerland is famous for branded watches all over the world. On the other hand for Swiss cheese and chocolate, demand is very impressive. Switzerland is famous for the name ‘Kiwi’ also. There are two types of Kiwis. One is a delicious fruit and the other Kiwi is a nocturnal bird.  It is the national bird in Switzerland. kiwi fruit is very important to Switzerlanders because it is a source of an earning foreign exchange. 

Vine industry takes a prominent place in the local Swiss economy. Because, they do not export vine to other countries.

Impressive sceneries are every whare in Switzerland. Elegant water falls, Majesties peaks of Alps and glorious cities like Geneva are very important places to visit.

Lucerne Switzerland

Colorful Lucerne City

This city is famous for its architectural value. Which belong to 13th centuary. The Swiss government has paid its utmost attention to preserve them for future generation. Tourists take this beautiful city as a hub for their tour in Switzerland. Lucerne city is in central part of the country. This ancient city is under the shade of snow-capped mountainous landscape decorated with pure white snow.

Lucerne Lake is a blessing to the township. This is the 4th largest lake in Switzerland. The surface area of this splendid lake is 113.6 square kilometers. The maximum depth of the lake goes to 214m. The complicated shapes of the Lucerne Lake multiply the pride of it.

Chapel Bridge

Chapel bridge is an another historical monument in the Lucerne city which you can enjoy with your heart. This is a carved wooden footbridge built in the 14th centuary. The total length of the bridge is 205m. This is the oldest wooden carved bridge belong to Europe. The main reason to construct this strong wooden bridge was to protect the country from invaders. This bridge connects the old town and the new town.

This historical bridge caught fire in 1993. As a result of this fire ancient painting got destroyed. Because of this devastating fire, half of the bridge destroyed. But Swiss government renovated this invaluable bridge satisfactorily for the sake of the future generation.

The ancient Musegg wall and tower built 30 years before the bridge, it adds on ancient value even to the bride. But at present this tower is a prohibited place for visitors. History says that this tower had even served as a prison.

Swiss National Park 

This is a highly protected area which is one of the oldest national parks in Switzerland. This is an important sanctuary for entire flora and fauna. Authorities of this park have given maximum attention to block all type of unnecessary interference. The commencement of this park had taken place in 1994. This National park gives refuge to many endemic species of native plants, animals and insects.

Red Deers, Golden Eagles, Mountain Hares, Brown Bears, Alpine Marmot, (a large kinds of squirrel) are some species of animals in this National park. This reservation is nearly 170 square kilometers large and 1,400m to 3173m high above the sea level. For those who interest in hiking there is a path. In addition to the path natural trails are there. To enjoy a natural beauty of a National park you have to go to very east of Switzerland. This elegant National park is consist of 1/3 Alpine forest.    1 /3 of Alpine meadows and 1/3 rock.

Chillon Castle Fortress

At the beginning this was a small military camp used for check enemies’ movement and to protect the road through the Alpine passes. Location of this castle is on the Lake Geneva. This is one ofthe most visited place n Switzerland. The history of Chillion goes back to Roman era. That is to say in 10th certuary. If the real origin is not clear, first written record goes to year 1005, that is to say to the Bronze Age. This has built on a rock platform.

Today the Chillion castle is one of the most popular tourist destination. If you wish to visit this inspiring monument, start your journey from Geneva or Lausanne city. Among the many admirers Lord Byron was one of them. Even only that is enough to expose the value of this monument.


Highest Peaks of Switzerland

This is a small township with an area of 93.70 square miles in the district of Visp. Zermatt is a municipality. The population is not more than 6,000 now. Majority of the people speaks German. This town is located 1,620km above from the sea level. In other word at the foot of the highest peaks of Switzerland. A healthy climate prevails in this region. In the summer time it is mild in the  day time and it is cool in the night. In the winter season annual snowfalls gives a pleasant environment. Zermatt is famous as a starting point for hikes to the peaks. There are a number of high mountains around Zermatt. Some of them are Monterosa, Dufourspitze, Dom, Lyskamm and Matterhorn. The river Matter Vispa flows through the township of Zermatt.

The mount Matterhorn is a pyramid like mountain in the Alps.  This most famous mount is over looking at the township of Matterhorn. The elevation of this mountain is 4,478m. The meaning of the word ‘Matterhorn’ is ‘peak in the meadow’.

Climbing to the peak is adventures but there is a haunting danger of it.   Record says that the first ascent to the summit ended in a tragedy. Only three out of seven climbers saved their life to give the dreadful message. But it was hundreds of years ago. Now a days safety measures are very high.

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