8 Best Places to Visit in Canada


Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canadian boundaries embrace three main beaches. It extends from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean and in the northward Atlantic Ocean; the smallest shallowest and coldest Ocean in the world. Nature has gifted most famous attractive creations to Canada which brings millions of visitors. Canada is a successful tourist’s destination because it fulfil almost all the necessities of a tourist. Tourists enjoy in various ways. To feel the beauty of the nature, seeing historical, architectural sites, wild life, and engage in sports like hiking and surfing; Canada is an ideal place.  Some tourists like to engage in adventures journeys. Canada is a satisfactory solution for above needs. Among innumerable attractive places in Canada, some are given below.

Niagara Falls Canada

The origin of Niagara fall is the river Niagara. There is a world-famous arch bridge across the Niagara River. This bridge connects America and Canada. Niagara Falls is in the border of Canada and America. Breath-taking drop of 170 foot of this gigantic waterfall invite for millions of tourists from every nook and corner of the world. When you see the waterfall through mist wrapped atmosphere, it gives you a divine feeling. Blue waters of the Niagara River turn in to pure white colour while dropping that 170 foot. Horseshoe waterfall is the name of Canadian part of the Niagara Fall. If you visit this beautiful waterfall as a nature lover you can gain a enduring concession.

Queen Park in British Columbia

Queen Victoria Park is in the vicinity of Niagara Fall. This is the main parkland of it. You can see various varieties of native and overseas plants, planted neatly in this park. Delicate flowers enrich with varies enchanting colours are an attractive seen. If you wish to walk around the park you can come to the start point after in one hour and forty-five minutes. But by walking through the clam and quit coniferous wood, what a concession you can feel. The heartfelt easiness which you can gain by spending time in such a park, it may become an enduring memory for the life time. So it is better to take a first-hand experience of the park.

Great Bear Rainforest

Great Bear Rainforest with the 6.5 million of hectares Coverage becomes the largest rain forest combining with Pacific temperate rain forest Eco region.  This valuable rainforest is in British Columbia in Canada. In the true sense of the word great bear rainforest is doing a great service to balance the Global climate instability.  It is said that more than a thousand tons of Carbon are stored within a hectare.

The bears, mostly associate with trees are not rare in this rainforest. Large aggressive bears; Grizzly bears, Mountain goats, Costa Grey wolves, Sitka deer and many other kinds of wild animals enhance the natural beauty of this valuable rainforest.  Moreover, more than 350 species of birds and animals take refuge in this forest.  We should not forget that this is a home for thousands of species of plants.  Among these, thousand years old ceader trees and 90-meter-tall Sitka Spruce trees are prominent. 

It is easy to access to this wilderness of Great Bear Rainforest by seaplanes or by a water transporter system. Not that there is no reach to the rain forest by road.

Camping in the great bear rainforest is a heart beating experience for nature lovers.  Disconnecting from the uneasiness of the prevailing noisy and busy world you can spend a calm and quiet life within the period you stay in this wilderness.  In this heavenly world of forest, you can hear only the sounds of animals and birds. Specially growls of bears hums of bees, bells of deer’s, crocks of frogs, whistle of birds, screams of eagle and squeals of rabbits, carry you to the real wilderness. 

 It is very difficult to create a real nature of a forest by writing few lines. So, it is better to have a first-hand experience.

Banff National Park

As the oldest and most glorious National Park in Canada, Millions of tourists visit this Banff National Park to quench their thirsty of feeling nature and seeing the breath-taking environment. Banff National Park is a part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Park which covers an area of 6,641 square kilometres. This Park is the pride of Alberta Province in Canada. Healthy subarctic climate is another blessing for tourism in this enchanting National Park. Visitors like to feel the natural beauty of the superb panorama of the mountains, enchanting views of turquoise lakes, numerous glaciers and ice fields …etc. There for Banff National Park is a glorious destination.

Hiking in the Johnston Canyon is an unforgettable experience. Frozen water falls in the winter seasons always ready to mesmerize the nature lovers. Johnston Canyon in the Banff National Park is an ideal place for hikers. When you are hiking along the trails of the park you can witness more than another seven beautiful water falls.  

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a turquoise glacial lake in the Banff National Park. This beautiful lake is a wonderful creation of the nature. The surrounding of the lake is jaw-dropping. When you see the coniferous forest under the shade of snow carpeted hills you may be bewiled whether you are in this world or in the heaven. So, it will be a peculiar experience to walk around the Lake Louise. Canoeing in this lake is another breath-taking adventure. If you wish to take a hiking experience, prime time is the summer season; it is the tourists’ season. However, hiking in the off season is also fine. In this period trails and lakes are under snow cover. So, it gives you calm and quit feelings.

Rocky Mountains

Canadian Rockies

The truly divine Rocky Mountain range is a blessing of nature to Canada. Among the numerous high peaks of Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson is 3,954 m high, and it is the highest peak in this range. This mountain range offers its panoramic beauty to province of Alberta and British Columbia. This mountain range stretch nearly 300 miles between above provinces spreading its natural beauty. Some main factors like Alpine lakes, and other lakes, infinity of wilderness and different kinds of wild life contribute to multiply the natural beauty of this Rocky region.

Canadian Rocky Mountain is a part of Rocky Mountain range that spread through the North America. The shade and limestone are the main source of this Canadian Rocky Mountain range. If we generally consider about the climate, it is similar to highland climate. Though the summer season is dry, occasional thunder storm with rain may come.

Visitors appreciate the panoramic beauty of the Rocky; specially towering landscape with soaring peaks, gorgeous sceneries enchanting views over the valleys and most beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies. Some Glacier fed lakes are in vivid colours. Some are blue and some are green. This colour change occurs according to the silty soils which brings with melting Glacier water. Light Rocky Mountain flour comes with this water and remains on the surfers of the lakes for many hours. When the sunbeams peep in to the lake the surfers begging to glitter in green or blue colour. Then it will become very picturesque seen. Without going to the deeper science, you can feel the memorizing beauty of these fantastic lakes. This colour change can hap hourly, daily or seasonally.  

Rocky Mountain National Park

Splendid Canadian Rocky Mountain Park is a world heritage. It is a collection of seven other parks. To extend the natural beauty of this park, mist wrapped mountains, glaciers, hot springs and North American river network have given their utmost support. Among the contiguous parks in Canadian Rocky National Park, Baff National Park, Red rock Canyon, Waterton Lake National Park, Temple Mountain are prominent.

Jasper Sky Tram trip would give you an unforgettable experience with expediting your heart beat. The view which you can embrace not only with your eyes but with your heart is not a dream. It may be an enduring memory for a life time for you. You can see snow decorated peaks, breath-taking views of pure blue water lakes while traveling in Sky Tram.

Red Rock Canyon in Canadian Rocky National Park is conservative area. This is a formation with Red Rock Sandstone. As a wonderful creation of the nature this area looks like a picture, painted by a great artist. Other than seeing the sight with your own eyes you can feel it as a source of meditation. Behind red coloured rock, snow carpeted grey coloured hills create a real paradise.      

Abraham Lake

This is a man-maid reservoir in the Alberta province. Waters of the lake covers 63.7 square km. So, Abraham Lake has become the largest lake in Alberta.  The total area of this reservoir is 54 square miles. Blue colour water of the lake is common for all lakes in the Rocky Mountain area.  You can reach this lake through the David Thompson highway. Wildlife and panoramic views of the ring of mountain around, the lake contribute to multiply the beauty of this lake.  Hiking and camping around the Abraham reservoir is adventurous

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