A Tour of the Beautiful Island of Hawaii


Hawaii is a big island that belongs to the Hawaiian archipelago in the central Pacific. Hawaii is the biggest island in it. The total area of this fantastic island is 10,432 sq km. The maximum width is 122 km and the elevation goes to 4,205 m. Black sand beaches and green sand beaches are specialties in the diverse Hawaii islands. The group of islands is 3,857 km away from San Francisco city. The capital is Honolulu. It is on the island of Oahu. 

Hawaii is the 50th state belongs to United State from 18th March 1959. Following a referendum held in 1959 and after voting 93% of the Hawaii people for it. So Hawaii became a state of the United States. Before that, It had become a territory of the US in 1898. So Hawaii is not a country; it is a part of the U.S. The landscape of this enchanting island is rich with misty plateaus, tropical coastal areas, lava deserts, and craggy ocean cliffs. There are two active volcanoes in Hawaii. The names of these are Kilauea and Mauna. The Volcano National Park is on the big island of Hawaii. The famous National Park is encompassed by the above two active volcanoes.

Hawaii is an island that belongs to a tropical climate. The hot season prevails from June to October. The cool season is from December to March.  As a tropical country, the usu8al temperature range is from 75 – 90 degrees in the daytime all over the year. At night it comes down to 70 – 80 degrees. This is not a considerable change. In the nighttime of the winter season, the temperature falls to 50 degrees.

There are many ways to enjoy Hawaii.  You can engage in various water sports, see Nature and Parks, Cultural and Theme Tours, Cruises, Sailing and Water Tours, and Outdoor Activities.

Cruise Trip in Hawaii

From a cruise trip in Hawaii, you can experience breathtaking sceneries. There are several cruise lines that show you the natural beauty of the sea closely. With seven day cruise, you can fully enjoy it by going to seven tiny islands. Many cruises begin on end in Hawaii. But one cruise line encompasses the Hawaiian Islands from start to end. Even five-day cruise trips are there.  You can select any cruise trip according to your wish. During this cruise trip, you can see whales, dolphins, sharks, and turtles and you can explore the behavior of fish in the sea. Around the Kohala coast whales are abundant. There you can see Humpback whales, Blue Whales, and some other rare varieties of whales.

Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site

This is a historic sacred temple built to worship native Hawaiians. You can see the temple just north of the Kohala Coast. Legend says that this massive structure was built using Lava rocks. This temple is similar to a fortress. King Kamehameha the Great had built this large stone structure between the years 1790-1791. This temple was a result of fulfilling a promise for his divine advisers which was dedicated to war god Kukailimoku for uniting the Hawaiian Islands. In the year 1819, the king could unite whole islands.

The meaning of the word Pukkohola is “Hill of the Whales”. During the winter season, visitors can watch Humpback whales off the Kohola coast.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

In the heart of the Hawaii National Park is the largest island of Hawaii there are two active volcanoes. The names of them are Kilauea and Mauna.  This Volcanoes Park is a unique place to experience live lava flow. Hot steam rising from the ground is a fine scene there. Though it is worth spending a day in the park you can get a good experience within few hours. Different landscapes are there as a result of the influence of the volcanos.  While walking through the park you can listen to nature.

Rainbow Waterfall

This 80 ft high and 30 m broad waterfall is located in Hilo, Hawaii. Wailuku River is the father of the fall Rainbow. Swimming is not allowed as a safety measure there. During or after the rain the current becomes strong. But if it is not safe here, nearby waterfall Kole Kole and beach is ideal for your water activities. It is only 10 miles away from here.

Hiking in Hawaii

There are many hiking trails in Hawaii. But Oahu is the best island for hiking. You can choose a hike trail according to your liking towards it. Mountain hiking trails, running trails, and hiking trails are there in Hawaii. When you are hiking it is safe to wear a good T-shirt.  Then you can protect yourself from the scorching sun. If you are bold enough to hike on the risky trail, hiking boots are essential. Hiking is the event of an adventure. You can feel the natural beauty of Hawaii while hiking. Hiking is good for your physical and mental well-being.

Halakala National Park

On the Island of Maui in Hawaii, the Haleakala National Park is located. This park is 52 sq mi in extent.  A dormant volcano can be seen there. The meaning of Haleakala is ‘House of the Sun’. To the rim of the dormant, the elevation is 10,023 ft above sea level. It will take nearly 2 ½ or 3 ½ hours to drive to the summit. The riding time depends on the starting point. There are possibilities to join a tour that provides transportation. You have to pay some money for entrance fees to the park.  The non-transferable pass is valid for 3 days.

Waimea Canyon State Park in Hawaii

This is a large Canyon in Hawaii. It is nearly 10 miles long and 900 meters deep. This Canyon is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The meaning of the word Waimea is ‘reddish water’ in Hawaii. The formation of this Waimea Canyon has happened after a deep incision of the river Waimea.  Kokee State Park is the adjacent park to Waimea Canyon Park. Both these parks are on Kauai Island in Hawaii. It is advisable to follow the map carefully to understand the crisscrossing of trails. Sunny days are typical to hike the canyon to feel the beauty. Waipoo waterfall is one of the few falls in Canyon Park. This 800-foot cascading waterfall can be seen from various places along Canyon Park road.

Accommodations in Hawaii

There are beach hotels, guesthouses, camping cabanas, grand hotels, and volcano inns in Hawaii. Friendly staff, delicious foods, and luxury facilities are not rare in these places. Oahu is the least expensive island in Hawaii.

In your Hawaii trip keep in mind not to touch turtles, dolphins, and coral.

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