A visit to Egypt with a proud history dating back to more than 5000 BC


Egypt is a large country with an area of 1,001,450 sq km.  It is in the North-eastern corner of Africa. Egypt has two sea boundaries. One is Red Sea and the other one is Metatherian sea .The history of Egypt is very long. It is said that the history Egypt goes back to 5000 BCE. Civilization of this ancient country has a fervent connection with the River Nile. Due to the flowing of the river and with its fertile banks, ancient Egyptians began to live around it.

For tourists, Egypt is a paradise. Ancient monuments are abundant in this country.  So tourists from all over the world come to Egypt to see these historical creations,

Great Sphinx of Giza, Abu Simbel Temples, Temple of Hatshepsut, Bent Pyramid, Pyramid of Djoser, Luxor Temple and colossal Statue of Ramses II, are few examples to prove it.

Great Sphinx of Giza

This is an ancient Egyptian colossal limestone statue of creature with a a human head and the body of a lion lying down. According to the legend this peculiar statue has been built in the reign of King Khafree and the human part of the statue depicts that king’s face. The gigantic statue with a royal headdress is 73metres long and 20 metres high. You can see the pyramid of King Khafree in the back ground of this ancient statue.

Abu Simble Temple

According to the historians King Rames II; an ancient Egyptian king, built this great temple around 1274 BC. He wanted to celebrate a victory over the Hittites and Kadish battle in 1274 BC. The dedication of the temple was to ancient Egyptian gods such as Ra-Horkhty, Path and Amon. The statues in the Abu Simble Temple are solid rock cliff.

Temple of Hotshepsut

This is an ancient funerary shrined commissioned for the Pharaoh Hatshepsut. The location of this ancient temple is Necropolis in Upper Egypt in 38 BCE. Ancient Egyptian thoroughly believed that gods and goddess live in these temples. It may be the cause for building such colossal temples. As this temple was a mortuary temple archaeologists have found mummies in it.

Ancient Egyptian Bent Pyramids

The birth of this Bent Pyramids goes back to 2600 BC. The height of this is 104.71 metres. The location this pyramid is at the royal necropolis of Dahshur.  If you wish to visit this ancient building you have to go nearly 40 kilometres to the south of Cairo; the capital city of Egypt. Travellers can go to the interior of this ancient Bent Pyramid.

There are innumerable ancient monuments in Egypt to visit. So it is better to arrange your Egyptian trip with  a suitable travel agency. Then you are able to extract the historical and cultural value of Egypt. Likewise you can compare the modern development with the history of Egypt.

The River Nile

The river Nile is the cradle of civilization. This river starts from Sudan and flows through Egypt giving wetness to vast deserts. The end of this great river is Meditarian Sea. This is the longest river in Africa. The length of this river is 6650 kilometres. In its flowing to Meditarian sea it contacts Cairo City, Aswan, Giza, Jinja and Juba. Erudite poets like  John Keats, Omar Ibrahim have offered the world the economical, and cultural value of this river. By reading these poems leisurely you can convince the literature of the River Nile and how it helps to live the lives of people.

From long history Egyptians used this river to fulfil there necessities. Nile helps for recreation activities and transportation also. Records say that 95% of Egyptians live within a few kilometres around Nile. Lifeblood of Egyptians flow in this river.

Best Things to do with River Nile

It is very adventurous to cruise on the River Nile. Ancient waters of the Nile will show you the historical value of Egyptian culture.

You can witness the state of traditional village life of Egyptians while extracting amazing seen into your camera. By travelling along the river you can see many ancient monuments like Pyramid of Giza, Abu Simble Temple in Aswan village, Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of the river Nile and Luxor; open air museum.  Your longer side of the Nile River cruise begin from Aswan.

There are luxury cruises to travel on the Nile. It is the most popular way. You can arrange a trip to Egypt with contacting reliable travel agency.  You can save your money with their help in arranging the trip successfully. Approximately you have to bear $ 2,430 per head for this trip including Nile River cruise trip. This is for eight day trip. Before entering to Egypt you should prove documentarily that you are from Covid 19.    

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