Beauty Of France With Eiffel Tower


France is a very beautiful European country. It is the second largest country in Europe.  If we talk about the location of France, it is on the edge of Europe.  In short it is a north-western European country.  Bay of Biscay, English Channel and North Sea are some boundaries to France.  Mainly the landscape of France is flat.  but not that there are no mountains in it.  The highest point of Alps is in the east of France. In the southern part of France, it is mountainous. Massif central is a highland in the middle of Southern France. Pyrenees mountain range stretches between France and Spain. France is a valuable country to visit. The exquisite vicinity, historical monuments and manmade creations like Eiffel Tower are there to quench your thirsty of tourism in France. 

What to do in France

Eiffel tower gives a identification to France. It is in the Camp de Mars in Paris. The gigantic Eiffel Tower is 300 meters high. This is a lattice tower built with wrought-iron. The name ‘Eiffel’ came to this enchanting iron tower with the name of Gustave Eiffel whose company designed and built this wonderful tower.

Eiffel tower is an ideal place to watch the beauty of the environment around Paris in France. This is one of the best spots to watch the panoramic sunset. The vibrant colours in the sky around Eiffel tower will force you to take the beauty into your camera. But keep it in mind that removing photos of the Eiffel tower at night without permission is illegal.  If you wish to climb to summit of the Tower you have to spend around two and a half hours. The ticket price is Eur. 15.50. 

Louvre Museum in Paris

Louvre Museum is the home for the world-famous Mona Lisa. This is the largest Art Museum in the world. In a way Louvre is a historical monument in France. The premises cover 72,735 square meters. You can see nearly 38000 valuable objects here. Majority of them belong to pre-historic era. From 16th century the Louvre was a royal place for French kings. When French monarch Louis xvi shifted his palace to Versailles this palace became a public museum. As this is one of most famous museums don’t miss to visit it.

Notre Dame de-Paris

This is a cathedral in Paris in France. The meaning of Notre Dame is ‘Our Lady of Paris’. The first Bishop of THIS ancient cathedral was Maurice de Sully; Bishop of Paris. This enormous cathedral was started to build in 1163 and opened in 1345. This is a fine example to prove the value of French Gothic architecture. Notre Dame cathedral is a global treasure. It consists of two towers with a height of 226 feet each. 

This priceless cathedral with a historical value was subjected to a fire on 15th April 2019.  Nature loving people of all over the world mourned about this mishap because this priceless creation belongs to the entire mankind.  With this fire we lost the church’s woodn latticework roof and iconic spire and many other valuable things. This should be renovated as soon as possible.  So, the main aim of the authorities is to rebuild this ancient heritage within a period of two years. In a way it is a Herculean task. But Corona virus lockdown may affect to win this goal. But at present the cathedral is open to the public.

Mont Saint Michel

This seven-hectare tidal island is in the mouth of the Couesnon River. It is nearly one kilometre off the North-western coast of France. This is a holy island.  So, it has a major pilgrimage destination. Now this holy island has gone to the UNESCO world’s heritage list. This is one of the most important sites of medieval Christian civilization. The history of Mont Saint Michel goes back to 14th century. The immense beauty of this 240 acres land invites to visitors all over the world to come and visit it. So, millions of visitors are used to come annually and enjoy in this fantastic island.  Therefor don’t miss to visit this Mont Sain Michel in your next trip to France.

Palace of Versailles

This palace was the royal residence of kings of France since 1682 to 1789. This is also in the UNESCO world’s Heritage list. This historical monument is in the province of Lie-de-France about 20 kilometres away to the South West to the Paris. The construction started in 1661 and opened in the year 1837. There are 2300 rooms in this immense palace. It covers an area of 8.15 To visit the palace, buying a ticket is a necessity. This is a symbol of royal life and the power of monarchs had with them during their reign. Because of the valuable history of the entire area with the historical Versailles, it is definitely worth visiting this ancient monument. Because of the corona pandemic visitors should follow the health guidelines thoroughly.

Musee d’Orasay

This is a historical museum on the centre of Paris. The building is a former Orsay railway station. You can see historical French Arts, Sculptures, Furniture and Photography there. This museum is close on every Mondays. In other days of the week this is open normally from 9.30 a m to 6.00 PM. But because of the currant Corona pandemic taking a health pass is necessary.

There are many travel agents in France. They want only to know how and why do you travel to France. Then they will arrange your trip to France according to you ambition. It is the convenient way to visit and enjoy your historic trip to France.

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