Greece is a South-eastern European country. Clusters of islands encompass it. There are nearly 3000 islands encompass it. Greece is in the Lonian See. It is a part of Mediterranean Sea. Other seas around Greece are Aegean Sea in the East of Greece, to the South by Mediterranean Sea. The land area of Greece is 49,769 sq miles. The Aegean is the most important sea to Greece. Aegean islands are also in the Aegean Sea.  This sea has a historical connection with Greece civilization. Early Greek people inhabited in the area around the coast of the Aegean Sea.

Mainly Greece is a country enrich with rugged beauty. It is a peninsula. It has the longest coast in Europe. Other than rugged mountains, forests and beautiful lakes are there to beautify the country. Pindos mountain range which starts from North stretches to the Albanian boundary to the south.

Peloponnesus Mountains are in the southern part of the Greece. About 20% of the lands of Greece are consisting of islands. Most of Greek settlements in ancient times were in the Eastern and Southern parts of the country.

There are 50 natural lakes in Greece and they are larger than 2 hectares. Other than these natural lakes there are few man-made lakes and reservoirs. The largest man-made lake is Trichonida. Its su7rface area covers 38.1 sq miles. The maximum depth of this lake is 190 ft. Other major four lakes are Lake Plastira, Lake Pamvotida, Lake Doxa and Lake Kerkini. These five lakes are five must-see lakes in Greece.

The history of Greece goes back to Stone Age. In this era people live upon hunting. After that, they began to live on farming. We call them Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. Then the period of wars and invasions came. In the Middle Ages around 1100 BC Dorian people invaded Greece from the North. Later on, they spread along the West coast. Alexander the great ruled the country from 336 BC to 323 BC. During his period, he united the Greece. He was the founder of Ancient Greece. The Emperor Alexander the great stretched his power into Europe, Egypt and to the South West Asia. Before he united the country, there were several small city states in Greece. In each of these states had their own ruler, customs and laws.

Early Greeks were decedents of Mycenaean.  According to legends they were the first writers and speakers of Greece. The cunning trick of giant wooden horse is well known in ancient t Greek story. The inventors of theatre were also Greeks. Some theatres are larger enough to 15000 spectators. Even today ruins of those structures can be seen in Greece.

Ancient Greeks believed in gods. They held festivals to honour gods. They believed the gods help them in great deal in every activity of their lives; especially in wars. The mother of the present Olympic Games were Greek people. The first Olympic was held in the city of Olympia in 776 BC.

The highest mountain in Greece is Mount Olympus. It is 2,917 m high from the sea level. According to the ancient Greeks, their many gods lived in this craggly mountain.

Pindus or Pindos Mountain range is in the Northern Greece. Its accepted length is nearly 160 km. Maximum elevation goes up to 2637 metres. This mountain range is considered as the spinal of Greece. This is the biggest mountain range in Greece. In ancient time Pindus Mountain range protected Greeks from invasions. It served as a natural barrier between major city-states. You can go walking in the Pindus Mountain. There are 20 best walking and hiking trails in Pindus Mountain range. The best period for hiking and walkin in Pindus is between May to October.

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Climbing the Mount Olympus

This is the highest mountain in Greece and it is considered as the home of the ancient Greek Gods. It takes two days to climb the mountain with a night spent. The height of this mountain is 2917 meters. Usually climbing the Mount Olympus begins from Litochoro town. You can start your hiking Olympus Mountain from Litochoro. It is a rural village with a population of nearly 8000. It is in the Eastern slopes of the Mount Olympus. There two-three routes to hike the mountain. Choose a convenient way after checking the necessary maps. The road via Prionia is the busiest road to Mount Olympus. More hikers in the world over use this trail.  This trail runs through a thick forest of Pine trees fir and birch. You can spend night in a refuge. Here you can enjoy the views over plateaus and back drop of Mount Olympus summit. This is a adventurous journey in the Greece trip.

The best period to climb Mount Olympus is from June to end of September. Beauty of the trails and sceneries around are panoramic. Records say about 10,000 people hike to the peak per year. Anyway, this is a risky task. So better to wear a helmet and wear durable hiking shoes. If there is snow, boots are useful. You have to face to all weather conditions here, because the climate in the top is unpredictable.

Ancient Monuments in Greece

As a very ancient country Greece has fascinating and highly interesting historical ruins. They show the ancient grandeur of Greece.

Temple of Olympus Zeus is an ancient temple in Greece. The building of this ancient temple started in 174 BC. This temple is dedicated to the God of Sky: Zeus. Even today 15 ancient original columns are there to prove its proud history to the present people. They say in silent mood the necessity of protecting ancient monuments for the future generation.

Acropolis of Athens is an ancient archaeological site in Greece.  It is and citadel located on a rocky surrounding. There are remains of several historical building. By examine these ruins we can get some knowledge about the ancient Greek Architectural abilities.   The restoration project of this site is going on which started in 1975. In this valuable effort authorities try to collect and identify all stone fragments which belong to this monument. We are looking forward to see the ancient grandeur to some extent from this renovation project.

There are innumerable historical places to visit in Greece. Approximately seven days enough to cover the most historically valuable places in Greece. Within this period, you can co0nfortably explore Athens and visit two three islands in Greece.

A list of some islands to visit is given here. Sikathos, Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Mykonos, Sanatorini and Kos are few of them.

Skiathos is world famous for its amazing beaches. It is in the northwest Aegean Sea. Sikathos Island is world famous for its amazing beaches and buzzing, youth –driven night-life scene.  During the summer season, crowd of tourists gather here to feel the beauty of stunning beaches. The beaches are covered with thick forests and pine trees. The soft sand and crystal water invite you come and enjoy with them.

Kos Island in Aegean Sea in Greece is known for its abundant sandy beaches. This is the birth place of Hippocrates; the father of the modern medicine. You can see one of the oldest trees in the world here. This island is rich with archaeological monuments. Some of their history goes back to a history of 3000 years. Around the Kos Town ancient Greek and Roman landmarks are to be seen.

Athens, Mykones and Ahtion airports are International Airports in Greece. There are nearly 15 International Airports in Greece. Among them Athens International Airport is the main Airport in Greece.

There are many luxurious hotels in Greece. Cheap hotels are also there to accommodate you within an affordable price. Though the official language in Greece is Greek, and 99% of the common public speak it, Language problem will not arise in Greece for tourists. As a main income to Greece is tourism, hotel staff and guides can speak English, French and other relevant languages. 

Greek authorities have introduced some measures to protect from Covid 19 pandemic. So, tourists have to follow those guidelines for everyone safety.      

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