Let’s Walk On An Island In The Atlantic Ocean Made Of Ice And Volcanoes


Iceland belongs to mid ocean ridge system. This is the largest geological feature on the planet. This Mid-Atlantic ridge is mostly under water mountain range in the Atlantic Ocean. Some underwater mountains are more than 3 kilometres high from the sea bed.  In this ridge system some places have come up as islands. Iceland is also such an island.

Iceland is a fairly large island in the Atlantic Ocean. Greenland is the nearest country. It is 286 kilometres away. Iceland is the second largest island in Europe while England is the largest. The extent of the Iceland is 40,000 sq km. But only 20% of the land is inhabited because glacier has covered more than 11% of the country. Iceland is mainly mountainous with staggering waterfalls. Geysers and volcanoes are there. Black sand beaches beautify the coast. The highest peak in this island is 2,119 metres high above the sea level. There are deep fjords and vast volcanic deserts. Spectacular high mountains decorated with snow are fine creations of the nature.

Capital city of Iceland is Reykjavik. It is in the Seltfarrar Peninsula. Reykjavik is the commercial, industrial and cultural centre of the country. Hot water from nearby hot springs helps to keep the heat. There are many outdoor geothermal swimming pools. You can see geothermal power stations which creat electricity from heat generated in earth’s interior. The average annual temperature is 40 faranhight . Reykjavik airport is the main domestic Airport. Keflavik Airport; Reykjavik Keflavik is the largest airport in Iceland. This is an international airport which you can fly to Europe and North American destinations.

How to Embrace the Vibrant charm in Iceland

Thingvellir National Park

This is the first National Park of Iceland. After traveling about 40 kilometres from Reykjavik you can see this UNESCO world heritage National Park. This is in the South Western Iceland. The commencement of the Park was in 1930.  Thingvkellir National Park is one of the most popular places in Iceland among Icelanders and foreigners. This is not only a National Park but also a historic site. The total area is 35.8 sq miles. Among natural wonders in this park underwater caverns and volcanic terrain have won the attraction of nature loving people. Cristal clear lakes are very charming places to stay sometimes.  The first parliament of Iceland had met in Thingvellir in the year of 930. Even now Iceland parliament held here. So it is the oldest parliament in the world. For all levels of hikes there are fine trails in the park.

Hiking in Iceland

To experience rugged beauty of Iceland, the best way is to join for hiking tour. Iceland is a paradise for hikers. Vast wilderness in Iceland paves the way for adventurous hiking. There are experienced and knowledgeable guides and local experts to help you in your hiking in the vast landscape of Iceland. In this amazing hiking tour you can experience beautiful glaciers, fjords, delicate wild flower meadows and staggering waterfalls. Iceland is the country which you can see a land of fir and ice because there are many volcanoes in it. Geysers are not rare in this peculiar country. So join for hiking trip; it will be an unforgettable one for the lifetime.


This is a region in Reyjkjanes peninsula. This is nine kilometres away from the Iceland’s International Airport. This region is famous all over the world for volcanic craters, caves, geysers, lava fields and hot springs. , more tourists like to feel the rugged beauty here. Other than these, there are museums, churches and lighthouses also.

Seismic Activities in Iceland

Iceland frequently subjects to earthquakes because it has close connection with Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. These plates slowly drift in opposite direction as a pace of about 2cm yearly.

Whale Watching Tours in Iceland

As more than 20 species of whales inhabit around the waters of Iceland foreign tourists, as well as locals like to participate for whale watching tours. Seeing such a magnificent creature with your own eyes is definitely a lucky event in your lifetime.

The best time for whale watching tours in Iceland is during April to late September. Early October is also not bad for this adventure. . But no one can predict correctly about nature. You may be lucky to see more whales during the first trip. Otherwise it can be few. It depends on the situation of the sea. Anyway it is sure that two trips are not alike. In every trip you may come across new adventure.

There tourist companies to arrange whale watching trips in Iceland. So arrange your trip with them.

Go Horseback Riding in Iceland

The best way of enjoying the natural scenic beauty is riding on a horse back in interior places of a country. So enchanting sceneries in Iceland is ideal for this. You can get a friendly support from a guide who has experience in horseback riding. This is the easiest way to access to remote rural places and it is faster than hiking. You can reach these places which a vehicle can’t approach. You can start your horseback journey from Reykjawik. If you wish to ride on horses with your beloved family members, healthy and experienced horses will help you with a proper guidance from knowledgeable guides.  So don’t forget to enjoy with horseback riding in your Iceland trip. Rent a car service and drive yourself is the best and cheap way to see the surrounding.

Spot the Northern Light   

There is a Northern Light Centre to see this panoramic view at the old harbour. Other places to see this are Kambratun Park, Grotla Park, Laugardalur Park etc. The best period to see this celestial light is during the month of October to March. The best time of the day for same is around mid-nite time. That is from 11.00 pm to 2.oo pm. This spectacular light is not clear through street lights. So better to go to a suitable place and enjoy the Light.

Accommodations in Iceland

There are safety hotels, Apartments, Villas, Hostels and Resorts in Iceland to during your trip to Iceland. Even motels are not rare. You can book one according to your need. Hotel staff can speak Your Language. So language problem will not arise there.

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