Most Important Places not to be missed when Travelling Australia

Great Ocean Road Cape- Otway Light house Uluru National Park Jimjim Waterfall in Kakadu.


Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road runs from Torquary to Allensford

This Great Ocean Road stretches 243 km along the south eastern coast of Australia. This road runs from Torquary to Allensford. This is one of the most panoramic coastal roads in Australia, sometimes in the world. While traveling along this road you can witness the Twelve Apostles off the shore of Port Campbell National Park. This is a collection of natural limestone. If the name of this natural stacks is Twelve Apostles you can see only eight of them now. Time has not given the chance for other four to exist any further. This is a place you should not miss in your great ocean road tour.

If you like surfing you should stop in Torquay. It is the first town you come across in this spectacular trip north-west wind season is very suitable for surfing here. This place is safe even for beginners.  

While going along the Great Ocean Road, Erskine water fall is another place to visit. It is a beautiful water fall of 30m high. To see falling water through a thick lush for forest; what a nice seen is it. When you go along this road within a period of 10 minutes, after turning from Lome this water fall is in the vicinity. 

The brave soldiers who had participated to the First World War and lucky enough to return back, have built this road. This is the largest and longest war memorial road.   

Cape- Otway Light house

Cape-Otway Oldest Living Light House in Australia

Within your trip, if the time permits, Cape-Otway national park is also a place that you can enjoy the scenic beauty. In this splendid national park you can experience a join of rain forest and sea. Other than beach, magnificent waterfalls are there.

Cape- Otway light house is also a place that you should not miss in your Great Ocean road trip. This light house has been built in 1848. There for this light house has a historical value. This is the oldest living light house in Australia and it is 20 meters high. This light house is in Victoria.

Uluru National Park

Ayers Rock

Uluru National Park is a well-protected area in Australia. This park has gone to the list of world heritage of UNESCO. In this breath-taking National Park the world-famous sandstone Monolith and red domes of Kata-Tjuta are very attractive places for tourists. If you visit these two places even you can understand what a desert like, because these memorable natural creations are in the central Australian desert. Uluru is a monolith of sandstone. You can walk around the Uluru within one hour. The circumference is only 9.4 km. The peculiarity of this is, it changes its colour according to the season and the time of the day. While it is hot in summer, it is cold in winter.

Many animal species are there in Uluru and Kata-Tjuta. There is a fervent opinion that Uluru goes 2.5 km beneath the surface. The history of this valuable place goes back to more than 600 million of years. In the early ages, Anagua people; Aborigines of Australia had settled here. So Uluru and Kata-Tjuta have Pre-historical background.

In this historical National park you can watch various types of animals and birds. Red kangaroo, Spinfex hopping mouse, Dingo, Bush-tailed, Mulgara, are some among many species of animal. There are various species of reptiles, lizard, snakes and frogs in the portion of this land.   For those who wish to explore the history, Uluru and Katar-Tjuta are ideal places.

Kakadu National Park

Rock Painting in Kakadu National Park in Australia

Kakadu National Park has a total area of 19,804 km2. This is also a protected area in the northern part in Australia. This is a place where very rich bio diversity exits. Nature has gifted wet lands rivers and monolith to beautify this panoramic National park. If you make a tour to this park, you can see more than 5,000 aboriginal cultural sites. UNESCO has accepted this cultural landscape twice as a world heritage.

Historical source reveals that aboriginal people have lived here from pre-historic era. That is to say more than 65,000 of years they had lived in this area.

On the other hand you can easily see crocodile and birds in this national park. Moreover, the wetlands are ideal for bird watching. In addition to it Kakadu is a home for more than 2,000 species of plants. Paperbark trees, Sand-palm, Speargrass, and Swamp bloodwood are some of them. Red bush apple trees are common in this park area. Delicate flowers like Red- flowered Kurrajang , water lilies, Stringybark and turkey bush contribute to enhance the beauty of this park.      

There are majestic waterfalls in Kakadu which you must see with your own eyes. Gunlom fall, Jimjim water fall, Motor car fall, Maguk fall and Twin fall are some of picturesque water falls in Kakadu National park. They are fine and very popular. However tourists should pay their attention to know about the reachability to the falls because some sites are closed for varies reasons.

If you want to embrace the beauty of this panoramic water falls you have to go to the northern territory, because they are in Kakadu National park.  Some of them are cascading waterfalls.

To ensure a safety access to the falls, it is better to go in a 4WD vehicle. Sound driving capacity is also another necessity.

Camping near the waterfall will be memorable experience for you. Above all you have to think about your safety twice. It is true that there are crocodiles in these waterfalls. They are fresh water creatures. In a way they look innocent. However if someone disturb them they may become aggressive. Any way you can feel a meditation like concession by glazing at this waterfall for a few moments.

Jimjim Waterfall in Kakadu

While you are going along the Kakadu high way you may come across Jabiru township. After turning from Jabiru, you have to travel nearly 45 km to the waterfall. But consider that this fantastic waterfall hardly can see during the dry season. That is from July to October. Though this is so beautiful there is a little danger of swimming. There are estuarine crocodile hanging about. Though relevant authorities are working to remove them, it is advisable to keep in mind that there are crocodiles.

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