Most Valuable places to tour in New Zealand

Landscape of morning fog and mountains with hot air balloons at sunrise.
New Zealand Beach

Landscape of coastline in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic country that consists of two main islands with many other small islands. This beautiful country is located about 2,000 km southeast of Australia, in the South Pacific Ocean. The breadth of the country is approximately ¼ of its length. Moreover, the beauty of the country is world-famous. The total land area of New Zealand is 268,000 km2.

New Zealand is mostly mountainous or steep hilly. Volcanic peaks are there in the central North Island. In addition to that superb panorama of ice-capped mountains are blessing to tourism in New Zealand. Furthermore wavy rivers sing their songs of ages inviting to nature lovers all over the world. As Waikato is the longest river which runs nearly 425km to embrace the sea. The coastal line goes to 15,134 km long narrow strips of sea between high clips which call Fjord are there in New Zealand. Such sights are very rare in the world.

Ice Capped Mountain

Iced- capped Mountain

According to the above short description, most of you can understand that New Zealand is an oasis for nature lovers or tourists. Tourists go from place to place for visiting attractive pots. Sometimes their tours, limited to their own country or sometimes overseas.

For overseas tourists, New Zealand is a fine destination. Other than sights seen they can experience Scuba diving, hot air balloon adventures, fishing trips on lakes with rippling waves.

There are innumerable tourist spots in New Zealand. If you want to experience a wild life adventure, there are several national parks in this enchanting island country. Some of them are Fiorland National park, Tongario National park, Tasman National park…etc.

Fiordland National park is in the southernmost part of the southern island. It has a history of more than a century. This National park started as a reserve in 1904 and the New Zealand government designated it as a National park in 1952. It has an area of 12,000km2. Though there are many large countries in the world New Zealand has won the fame of having one of the largest National Park. UNESCO has accepted this fantastic park as a world heritage.

Tourists are lucky enough to visit mountains, rivers, water falls, lakes, and more wild animals in the some National Park. World famous Hauroka; deepest lake in New Zealand is also there in this National park. There is a very long beach that covers the most part of this National park. Sutherland falls; one of the highest water falls is also there. Further more rich cover of rainforests is there in this park. So a tourist is very lucky to visit this national park which posess varies natural resource.

Hot air ballooning is an unforgettable experience to a tourist. It gives a clam and quit pleasure. How nice is it when you are floating above  Queenstown, Catabery plain, and Wairappa. Verdant valleys and beautiful cascade are some othe experinces that you can have by exploring them from up above. If the sky is clear you can see great views of the Mount Pirongia, Te-Aroba and even the mount Ruapehu and Taranaki from the balloon.

Landscape of morning fog and mountains with hot air balloons at sunrise.

Hot Air Balloons adventure in New Zealand

A fishing trip on Lake Mapourika will be an unforgettable memory for years to come for you. This lake is on the west coast of New Zealand’s south island. Fishing gives you are calm and quiet experience and teaches you the worth of tolerance.

If you visit the south island of New Zealand you can see the beauty of Milford Sound. Among rain forests and waterfalls towering Mitre  takes a prominent place. This is a place where fusels, penguins, and dolphins are abundant. There are nearly five water falls in Milford Sound. This is an ideal place for boat riding and walking.

Franz Josef Glacier is a temperature maritime glacier. The length of this glacier is 12 km. throughout this journey, a visitor can witness the glory of this glacier. But unfortunately, in recent years, this glacier has become a pray of the heating environment. Because of melting it is a question of whether can enjoy future generation to the beauty of this natural wealth.

Other than these natural beauties, there are some beautiful famous in New Zealand. When you travel through New Zealand you can see unending green pastures with large hared of cattle and sheep are roaming freely.

The biggest dairy farm in New Zealand is Crafar farm. Not only in wet areas, in dry areas also we can see large farms. For dry area farms irrigation systems are in operating. Nearly 6 million dairy cows are there in these farms. Other than dairy farms, there are many beef and sheep farms also. There are more than 20,000 beef and sheep farms in New Zealand. This agricultural country has won the name of world largest exporter of dairy products and sheep’s meet.  

So, if you do not visit some farms in New Zealand within your tour, your trip is incomplete. In a way it is an educational tour. Because you can understand how do they manage these farms protecting the environment? 

Dairy farm in New Zealand

There are thousand and one attractive places in New Zealand, you should visit. If someone tries to write all these natural beauties in New Zealand it would become one of the longest textures. So it is better to go there and see them with your own eye.

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