The country that rose from the ashes and lit the Olympic torch


Japan is a country rich in rugged beauty and with 6,852 islands. This is the fourth largest island country in the world. The extent of the country is 377,975.24 sq. km. The largest island belongs to Japanese archipelago is Honshu. It is between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. Honshu island is not only the largest but also the most populous island of Japan. Hokkaido is the second largest Island. Kyushu and Shikoku take third and fourth places in extent. Among 6,852 islands only 430 are inhabited. Four fifth of the land surface are mountainous. Active and dormant volcanoes are not rare in Japan.

What to do in Japan

There are innumerable things to visit in Japan.  Among them, hillsides carpeted with snow, very impressive sceneries, spectacular waterfalls, shimmering lakes, historical places and monuments are prominent.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is an active volcano in Japan. It is 100 kilometres away from Tokyo. The common name of Mount Fuji is ‘Fuji – San’. The tallest height of 3,776 meters belongs to the Mount Fuji. This is regarded as a sacred mountain. The popular ideology about the age of this sacred mountain is 100,000 years. The enchanting beauty of the white washed mountain head of Fuji would astonish you.

If you wish to hike to the peak, it will take around six hours. There are other trails which take around 10 hours. The time of climbing depend on the point you star. If you start climbing to the Mount Fuji in the afternoon you have to stay night there and watch the sunshine in the early morning.  If you do not wish to watch the sunshine this arduous journey is not worth.  But it is better to keep in mind not to climb the mount during the off season. It is very dangerous. Sometime the journey can end with a tragic death. All the sanitary facilities are there in the mount. From early July to mid-September is the official climbing season. The average temperature at the summit of Mount Fuji is below freezing level. So, take precautionary action to face this situation.  Anyway, if you visit Japan, Mount Fuji should come to the top of the visiting list.


Harajuku is a railway station between Sinjuku and Shibuya. It is very famous for teenage culture and fashion styles. But even adults can do shopping there. Specially Harajuku is renowned for colourful streets with clothing stores. This is a place which meet pop culture and Japanese traditions. Harajuku is the birth place to Kawaii culture. The meaning of the word ‘Kawalii’ is lovable or pitiable.

Takeshita street in Harajuku is famous for shopping. This street consists fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Most of the businesses are in micro level. Takeshito street is the busiest in Harajuku.

When you visit Japan, don’t miss to go to Laforet in Harajuku. It is a multi-level department store and a museum complex. It is a multi-level emporium with numerous small boutiques. You can see selling clothes, accessories and eccentric fashions here. Most of businesses are aimed at younger generation.

Senso-ji in Japan

Senso-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple in Japan. It is located in Asakusa, Tokyo. As the oldest temple in Tokyo, tourists’ attraction is very high for Sensopji temple. More than 30 million visitors come here annually.  Five-storey beautiful pagoda and many shops with traditional items are there in Senso-ji. This is the widely visited spiritual site in the world.  The history of this ancient temple goes back to 645 AD. Sensoji temple is devoted to Kannon – Kannon mean – Awalokitesvara; aspirant Buddha. Awalokitesvara is to achieve Buddha Hood after millions of years in future. You can see a sacred statue of Kannon in this ancient temple. So Sensoji is a must-see divine destination during your trip to Japan.

Chubu Sangaku National Park   

C hubu Sangaku National Park is in the northern Japan. The location of this National Park is in the centre of the Hida Mountain range. Japanese Alps is another name for this mountain range. This is the highest mountain range in Japan. Chubu Sangku is famous for its delicate alpine flowers. You can enjoy with the dramatic alpine landscapes and pristine nature trails here. In your trip to Chubu Sangaku National Park you can explore the snow decorated soaring peaks, and valleys with fabulous beauty.

There are several visitor information centres to update your knowledge about this prestige National Park. They will help you to decide where to go, what to see and where to stay. If you follow their advice, your trip to Chubu Sangaku will be a success.

Sakai Castle

This is the oldest castle in Japan; built in 1576. Even today this ancient castle is in its original state. The location of Sakai Castle is in the Maruoka neighbourhood of the city of Sakai; in the Hokuriku region of Japan. So, it is well worth to visit Sakai. 

There are Five Star hotels in Sakai to accommodate tourists. Even for business men who come to Sakai as well as tourists who come to sightseeing, facilities are ready.


Tokyo is the capital city and it is the place were mixes old traditions and modern skyscrapers. There are historical temples and neon-lit skyscrapers in Tokyo. Nearly 14 million populations live in Tokyo. It is one of the busiest cities in Japan You can see the imperial palace amidst the large public garden.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is a very popular park in Tokyo. It extends is about 115 acres. Access is very easy to Disneyland from Maihama and Disneyland station. Other than the Disneyland in USA, Disneyland in Tokyo is very popular among the foreign tourists and local tourists. This 49 ha Disneyland belongs to the Oriental Land Company. The Japanese Disneyland gives immense enjoyment to visitors around 18 million all over the world. To enter the Disneyland in Tokyo buying a ticket is necessary. For children 04-11 and teenagers between 12-17, concession rate has been introduced. Elders have to pay full amount for the tickets. Language is not a problem in Tokyo Disney because most members at ticket booths, guest services and the hotels can speak fluent English. Other than Disneyland for youngsters between 20 – 30 s of age and teenagers can enjoy with activities in Disney Sea.

When you are in Tokyo you can visit Edo-Tokyo Museum, Asakusa, Meiji jingo Shrine Ueno Park and take part to a Tokyo private Chauffeur Driving Sightseeing tour.

The historical Edo-Tokyo Museum is near the Sumida River and Ryogoku subway station. By visiting this valuable museum, you can get an idea about the fascination urban history o9f Tokyo. It reveals the facts about life style, cultural of the city from the year 1600 s to today. If you wish to visit Edo-Tokyo Museum, the convenient way is to book with Trip advisor.

Japanese Food

Visitor all over the world like to taste the sweetness of traditional Japanese food. Among hundreds of Japanese traditional foods many people have liking toward Sushi. Tempura, Yakitori and Ramen are some other traditional foods in Japan Rice is the base of traditional Japanese cuisine. In Japanese foods seafood is common. They pay more attention to grilled them.


Sushi is very famous among tourists from other countries. Sushi is a consist of rice and fish. Flavour of vinegar adds extra taste to Sushi. Sushi disk come from the Dang dynasty. The taste of Sushi is somewhat sour. Reason for it is vinegar. So be lucky to taste Sushi.


Another typical Japanese food is Tempura. It consists of seafood, meat and vegetables. According to the legend, Fortugees has introduced the cosine of Tempura in 16th century. Tempura is a high calorie disk. So, though it is tasty it is not healthy.


To prepare Yakitory chiken is used. Skewed chicken with Kushi grilled over a charcoal fire. Steel, Bamboo or similar material is used as Skwers. Japanese cooks use chicken livers, gizzards or boneless thigh meat, Soya sauce, miring and very small amount of sugar. There are two three ways to prepare Yakitori. This is a healthy food with plenty of protein and Yakitori is  a comparatively suitable food for dieters.

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