The Greatest wall of China, the Largest and Longest Man-Made Structure in the World


Great Wall of China is the largest and longest man-made structure in the world. According to the preliminary study in 2009 the total length of the Great Wall was 8850 km. But latest state survey the total length of the wall is 21,196.18 km.

Ancient Chinese Emperors built this unprecedented structure for the sake of the country. The Great Wall of China is mainly a chain of fortifications built across the country to protect the country from various invaders. In the earliest stage Chinese rulers built several walls for the protection some areas. It was from 7th century BC. The first emperor of china Qin Shi Huang who ruled China from 220 to 206 BC joined selected portions of those structures of those pieces of Walls. Successive Emperors, who came to power later on, built multiple stretches of border walls. Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1644 built the most valuable section of the wall.

The-Greatest-wall-of-China, -the-largest-and-longest-man-made-Structure-in-the-World

Other than defense of the country ancient rulers of China used this structure for border controlling, collect duties on goods transported along the Silk Road and controlling immigration and emigration. In the aspect of defense, they built and enhanced watch towers and maintained troop barracks. They used the path on the wall for transportation. The beginning of the Great Wall is Hushan, Liaoning in the East and ending point is at the Jiayu Pass in the West; modern Gansu Province.

The Great Wall helped to protect the development and cultural values of China. By erecting such a large structure, we can imagine that to what extent the Chinese rulers thought to ensure the safety of their subjects. Anyway, this Great Wall was built at the expense of many lives. Because of its greatness UNESCO has accepted this Wall as a world heritage belongs to the whole mankind. After the man going to the moon some used to say that this great structure is the only thing that can be seen from the moon. Though it is not true it shows the greatness of the Great Wall.

According to unreliable sources this world heritage is nibbling away. According to them booming tourism, neglecting and insufficient funds have badly affected to the Wall. Critics say that only one third of the wall is preserved and will be protected. Another one third has become dilapidated and the rest has been completely destroyed. If it is true, it is one of the great crimes that someone can inflict for the man kind, because it is our; whole mankind heritage. So, we propose to relevant authorities to pay their utmost attention to protect this man-made monument for the future generation. According to Mao Zedong a great leader; the first Chairman of China “He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man”.

More than 10 million visit this Ancient Monument in China every year. Because of this reason the Great Wall has become the most popular tourists’ destination in the world.

Spring and Autumn seasons are the best periods to visit the Great Wall. The Spring comes to Great Wall from April to June. During this period the weather is mild. The surrounding is fantastic with blooming flowers.  Autumn season is during September to November. You can enjoy the cool weather with the beauty of the nature around Great Wall. If you visit this invaluable monument in these periods, you can avoid summer heat waves and large crowds.

To reach the Great Wall entrance, travel to Huoying Station either on subway 8 or 13, or take Airport Express line and exit the station and go to Huangtudian Railway Station nearby. Then take the S2 train and get down at Badaling Railway Station. Great Wall is within 20 minutes’ walk away from the Railway Station.

The Mutinia section of the Great Wall is located 73 kilometres away from Begin; the capital city of China. Within two hours you can go to Mutinia by a taxi. There is a tourist bus service also. The coast is nearly 250 Yuan. It similar to $37. The scenic area of the Great Wall at Mutini is open from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm all year round. You can get help from a English speaking guide.

There are luxurious and semi luxurious hotels close to the Great Wall. Hotel staff can speak your language especially English. So, a communication problem will not arise. The guides all hotel staffs are very friendly and knowledgeable. They try their level best to give their utmost support to get your Great Wall journey a success.                     

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