The Islands of Tahiti is Another Best Summer Travel Destinations in world


After nearly one and half year pandemic isolation tourism is peeping to the world. Tourist have started to book vacation again. So cordially invite to select Tahiti as a divine tourist destination.

With an area of 1,045 Tahiti becomes the largest island in the French Polynesia; the South Pacific archipelago. There are two regions in Tahiti. The western section of Tahiti is Tahiti Nui. The eastern part is Tahiti lti. The shape of this fantastic island is like the figure 8 .  The first explorer of this islands was Captain James Cook. It was in the 18th century. Polynesians’ migrants settled here as early as 500 BC. Before European explorers coming. Now the official name of Tahiti islands is French Polynesia.

This fantastic island is rich with spectacular black sand beaches, enchanting lagoons, beautiful waterfalls. There are two extinct volcanoes also. The name of one is Orahena. It is 7,332 ft. high. The other one is Mount Aorai. Its height is 6,778 ft. Because of the domination of these two mountains, a large part of these islands are uninhabited. Heavily populated area is along the coast.

If you wish to visit Tahiti best season is during May to October. In this period the weather is warm and pleasant. In short, a mild weather situation exists in Tahiti. From November to April is rainy. In this rainy season all the waterfalls flow with full capacity. So, it is also beautiful scenery. So, you can experience a gorgeous weather year-round. So, there is no bad time to visit Tahiti islands. The peak season of Tahiti is between May to October. But June, July and August are the busiest for tourism.  

What to do in Tahiti

Among many things to do in Tahiti, following are some. You can visit James Norman Hall Museum, fantastic waterfalls like Faarumai, over water bungalows, Les Trois cascades, Black volcanic beaches and Pure-white sand beaches like La Plage Maui or Mavi’s beach. Some nature lovers like to visit Hualine Natural Acquarim. Arahoho Blowhole, Bougainville Park, Aorai Mountain, Vaipabi garden and Harrison Smith Botanical Garden.

James Norman Hall Museum

James Norman Hall is a name of a famous author lived in Tahiti. He was the co-author of Mutiny on the Bounty. This This is a lovely small house. Valuable and original items from Jame’s era are there in this museum. This museum is open from 8.00 a.m to 4.p.m. But in some days in the week the museum close at 3.00 p.m.

Faarumai waterfall in Tahiti

If you go to the village of Tiarei in Tahiti this fantastic waterfall is visible. As this is a waterfall with three cascade it multiplies the scenic beauty. The Vasimahutu is the name of one waterfall here. Other one is Faarumai. This is the one of the easiest waterfalls to visit in Tahiti. This is a very convenient place to spend few hours; specially for nature lovers. Even you can enjoy by swimming in the water of this waterfall. So it is better to take necessaries to swim. You can walk to the waterfall through bush path. There is a good car park within a walking distance from the waterfalls.

Bora Bora Trip

Bora Bora is a tiny island with and area of 30.55 sqkm. Largest is in Bora Bora is Vaitape. This South Pacific Island is in the North west of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Around this island sand-fringed islets can be seen. Turquaise lagoon ads an extra valuee to the beauty of Bora Bora Island. Coral reef around the island is a natural protection. This well-known for Scuba diving. Bora Bora is a popular resort with luxury facilities. Staying in a guest bungalow built on slits perched over the see is a heartfelt experience. The Mount Atemanu is in the centre of Bora Bora Island. It is 727 m high. You can book a hike through your hotel in the island.

Walking along the Black Sand Beaches

To get a relaxation and to reduce stress black sand beach in Tahiti is ideal. As a result of breaking down lava and volcanic material from centuries, this creation of black beaches has come to being. There are black beaches in many places like Hawai, Indonesia, Georgia, Greece and Spain etc. in the world. In Tahiti you can see the beauty of black beach surrounded by hush vegetation. The most favourite black beach in Tahiti is Point Venus Beach. You can see a charming lighthouse and you can enjoy by playing Soccer in the black sand soccer field.

How to arrange accommodation in Tahiti

In Bora Bora and Moorea islan ds you can stay with relaxation. There are luxury resorts to accommodate you. You can arrange your unforgettable Tahiti trip with relevant travel advisers.

There are normal resorts which which you can book according to the size of your purse. But pay attention before booking your trip to Tahiti about travel restrictions regarding Covid 19.

(If you wish to participate to a Cruise ship trip don’t miss to bring wind and rain jackets.)

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