The Most Beautiful Archipelago In South Asia That We Will Lose In The Future Due To Global Warming


Maldives is a country with 1190 tiny islands in the Indian Ocean. Out of these 1190 islands only 185 are inhabited.  All the uninhabited islands give their natural support to enhance the tourism and to produce agricultural products. Main Islands belong to Maldives are Male, Fuvahmulah, Villingili, and the manmade island of Hulhumale. The capital of Maldives is Male. Male is also an island. The dialling code is +960. The independent island country is in the Indian Ocean and to the South West to beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Among many reasons Maldives is especially famous for tourism all over the world. The reasons for this popularity are vibrant culture, pristine beaches, greenery surrounding and private sight seen tours. For water sports and other adventures activities Maldives is ideal.  For Atoll Transfer, there are ferry services, speed boats, sea planes and yacht charter services.

What to do in Maldives

We propose to pay your attention to the following places in your visit to Maldives.

Hulumale, Moofushi, Paradise Island, Alimahaa, Baros, COMO Cocoa Island, Sun Island, and National Museum are few pristine places to visit in Maldives. You can play beach volleyball on Maldives’ golden beaches. It is a very popular sport there. Other than this, sports like diving, Jet skiing. Windsurfing, Water Skiing, Scuba diving and Snorkelling are other popular sports. Such as Bungee Jumping, Rock climbing and Gliding are adventures activities in Maldives.

Water sports like Canoeing, Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing and Parasailing and Banana boat rides are very popular in this island country.


Hulumale is a reclaimed island belongs to Maldives islands. This artificial island has been built by pumping sea sand. Maldives Government had paid its attention to the treat of rising sea level. Luxurious facilities for tourist are there in this island. Top accommodation in Hulumale is affordable for any tourists. You can have these facilities according to the size of your pocket. You can spend your vacation with your family of friends in Hulumale. Before you visit Hulumale is is better to keep in touch with Tripadvisor.

There is an International Air Port in Hulumale and its name is Velana International Air Port. This island is close to the capital city of Male. There is a 1.39 kilometres long bridge. It is called the China-Maldives friendship Bridge because the Chinese Government has funded to build this bridge. With this long bridge Hulumale connects to the capital city of Male.

In Hulumale you can enjoy with walking on the beaches leisurely and you can enjoy with playing snorkelling and other water sports.

There are nearly 65 hotels in Hulumale. You can book your hotel in Hulumale on line. You are even able to get a cheap room or cheap guest house near the beach.

Moofushi Paradise Island

This is a tiny island of 380 mx 162 m in extent. But Moofushi is one of the best diving spots in the world. Maldives diving staff is very kind and helpful. They know real places to dive and not suitable to dive. They keep eyes on you while you are diving. For armatures to this sport their service is very useful.

White sand beaches, crystal waters and luxury accommodation are blessings to tourism in Moofushi. Staying in a water villa in Moofushi is a peculiar experience. These water villas are built on stilts over the beautiful Indian Ocean. (You can get a thorough knowledge via Tripadviser about tourism in Moofushi Island.

COMO Cocoa Island

This is a private island resort in Maldives. There are more than 30 over water villas in COMO Cocoa Island. Within 40 minutes from the International Air Port, you can reach the island by speed boat. But keep in mind to check the charges of speed boat.

If you wish to visit Maldives, the best place to stay is COMO Cocoa Island. Any way this should be in your must-see list. No need of going to Maldives if you do not visit this enjoyable island.

The superb service of this hotel staff is appreciable. Delicious food and marvellous Spa are in world class. In short this is a wonderful hotel which keeps the same level form many years.

National Museum in Maldives

This is the first museum open on 11th November 1952. The location of this museum is in Sultan Park in Male. Maldives government has converted an ancient building to a museum. This is the former palace of Sultan of Maldives. In this museum you can see well-maintained collection of artefacts. By studying these ancient articles any one can trace the historical events. Large collection of historical items helps to instil the patriotism among the Maldivians. By connecting to the Tripadvicer you can make your Maldives trip a very successful one.

Water Sports in Maldives

When you visit Maldives you can enjoy with water sports like Scuba diving, Wind Surfing, Snorkelling and sailing etc. as mentioned above.

One of the best Scuba dive centre in Maldives is in the South Ari Atoll in Maldives. While engaging in Scuba diving it is sure that you can see Whales, Sharks and Mantas. The average coast of Scuba diving with a boat trip and tanks and weight is around $ 70 – $ 85. Maldives is ideal for Scuba diving because it is a low lying nation with spectacular white sand beaches. The marine life is abundant around Maldives sea.

Snorkelling in Maldives will be an unforgettable event in your life time. You can have an unique experience with this water sport. For non-swimmers also have chance to participate for snorkelling by using sea bob.

Surfing is and another adventures sport in Maldives. There are Surf Travel advisors to help you. The best period for surfing in Maldives is during April – June. Southwest monsoon comes in this period.

Surfing without proper guidance is dangers for beginners. There are Surf Camps and Schools in Maldives to help you to guide you for surfing.

If you can spend four to five days for Maldives trip it is enough.

As this is a 100% Islamic state Alcohol, Bathing suits and public displays of affection are illegal. For

For flights and speed boat to resort, the price is high. Think about weather condition before arranging your trip to Maldives. Booking flights and resorts are convenient. Pay attention to prices for water activities. From November to April is best time to visit Maldives. As extra 10% is charged as service charges it is not necessary to give tips. But if you wish to, You can give a tip generously.

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