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Scotland is a part of Great Britain.  It is in the northern part of U K. Scotland is a dramatic mountainous country. The diverse landscape of the country attract tourist in millions. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.  In a way it is hilly. In the grand city of Edinburgh, you are lucky to sea two types of cities. Old town which belongs to medieval era, has protected its ancient grandeur even today. In the new town also, neoclassical buildings are not rare. Historic Edinburgh Castle which belongs to the Iron Age stands on a Castle Rock showing its ancient value. This is a very valuable place not to miss in your trip to Scotland.

In addition to Edinburgh, vibrant charming places are many in Scotland.

Loch Ness lake, Glen Coe glen, Loch Lochay loch, Inverness Castle, Glenfinanan Viaduct railway and Meal Fuar-mhonaidh are prior attractive places to visit in Scotland. 

Lochness lake is a highly attractive tourist place in Scotland. This is a lake; a narrow area of sea, almost surrounded by land. The loch consists of fresh water. It is large as well as deep. Incredible depth of the lake is nearly 230 mt.

For sightseeing Loch Ness is ideal. Some folklore’s say that a Nessie; a large monster lives in this loch. You can have boat rides in Loch Ness Lake. It is a very interesting event.  As another hobby with land owners’ permition you can enjoy by fishing.

Gelencoe Tour

Glenco is a village in western Scotland. It is world famous for its spectacular sceneries. Shimering lakes, steep-sided valise, magnificent water falls are there to multiply the beauty of the village. Visiting the Glencoe Folk Musium carry you to the memories of 18th century grandeur.  The trails that climb to the peaks are highly adventures for climbers. If you wish to take part to the great Glencoe challenge trek of 26.2 mile it would be a unforgettable event in your lifetime. To participate for this epic event, you should take a prior registration. Glelncoe has come into being as a result of a volcani9c eruption happened 420 million years ago. Glencoe is one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. So don’t miss to visit it in your breathtaking journey to Scotland.

Loch Lochy in Scotland

Loch Lochy Lake

There are many loch or lakes in Scotland. The meaning of the word loch and lake is same. The difference is that these two words come from different languages. Loch Lochy Lake is in Lochaber Highland in Scotland.  This loch is 70 meter deep and the meaning of the word loch is also ‘depth’. This is a consist of fresh water. The circumference of the Loch Lochy is 20.7 miles. The trail around the lake is very nice to use as a hiking or walking. On the other hand this trail is ideal for nature trips. As the water is bitterly cold is advisable not to go for swimming in the loch. There are unique places to stay in Loch Lochy. You can rent them out from the people there. The prices are very reasonable.

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle Scotland

Inverness castle is a creation belongs to nineteenth century.   The castle is on a cliff. The river Ness is flowing in the beneath of the castle. This magnificent building has been built with red sandstone. It  shows the ancient grandeur of the ancient architectural design. Heavenly memories come to your mind by seeing the Inverness Catherral built with Red Tarradale stones.  It is close to the bank of the river Ness. Visiting this ancient creation is a must in your trip to Scotland.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Glenfinnan Viaduct

This viaduct is on the West Highland Line in Glenfinna. You can see the Jacobite steam train running on the world-famous viaduct. Steam trains give an added value to this railway line. There are 21 arches of the viaduct. Total length goes to 380 meters. This is a construction belongs to the year1897.  There are proposals to name this viaduct as the best heaven land in the world. In the true sense of the words this is a heavenly place.

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