Why is the Island of Costa-Rica being So Beautiful?


Costa Rica is a Central American country. Christopher Columbus was the discoverer of this fantastic country in the year of 1502.

The boundary to the Costa Rica, from South is Panama and to the North Nicaragua. Sandy beaches of Caribbean Sea beautify this splendid country from the East. West boundary embraces the waves of Pacific Ocean. San Joes is the capital city. Majority of the population speak Spanish. The area of Costa Rica is 51,100 Sq Km. There is a vibrant rugged beauty in this country, because the country is coved by rugged by rugged mountains. You can see five towering mountain ranges in Costa Rica Many mountains are higher than 3,600 metres. In this mountain chain we can see several volcanoes. Among those volcanoes Irazu volcano erupted in the mid-1960. The destruction was very high which the country experienced.

Lake Nicaragua in Costa Rica

The main river is the San Juan River. It is the outlet of Lake Nicaragua. The lower coastal plains subjects to flooding in the rainy seasons. The weather is normally hot in Costa Rica.  It is tropical and sub-tropical climate exists there. Dry season comes during December to April and rainy season is in between May to November. But is highlands you can enjoy with cooler weather.

Costa Rica is for 5% of bio-diversity in the world. As an agricultural country it considered as the second largest Banana exporter to the world market. The sun rises and sets at the same time around the year. This country is one of the happiest countries in the world.

As a catholic country major traditions base on Catholicism. As a result of indigenous heritage and Spanish Colonial mentality, Costa Rican people are friendly and lead happy lives. Not that there are no Jamaican, Chinese and other immigrants’ influence for this situation.

What to do in Costa Rica

Llanosde Cortes Waterfall

If you go to Costa Rica, there are innumerable fantastic places to visit so select and participate too many adventurous activities.  So select more suitable places and things to cover. The endearing sweet memories of your Costa Rica journey will haunt in your mind for the life time. 


Rappelling down waterfall is an adventurous activity which you can engage in your tour to Costa Rica. Canyoning in La Fortuna Waterfall in central Costa Rica is a famous among tourists. This waterfall is in a tropical rain forest; within 210 acres of biological reservation. The waterfall drops nearly 75metres. Don’t forget to wear water resist clothes and to bring necessary equipment. Quick dry clothes are more suitable because you may subject to soak with water. You need about half a day for this adventures canyoing tour. This is a must-do event in one’s lifetime.

Cruise Through the Gulf of Nicoy to Tortugs Island

It is worth to spend one day for this spectacular trip. You can get help of a local guide from San-Jose for this journey. During the journey you can see dolphins, sea birds and other marine lives. Cruising on a yacht or catamaran to Tortuga Island is a breathtaking journey. In this trip you can visit the surrounding archipelagos. You will be mesmerized with panoramic views of white sand beaches and unspoiled beauty of Tortuga Island. The area of Tortuga Island is 120 hectares. Distance to No-coy island from Puntarenas is 12 nautical miles.       

Road Trip in the Central Valley

Central Valley in Costa Rica

The Central Valley is a plateau in the South of San Jose Metro Area. This valley covers a large portion of the interior of Costa Rica. The capital city of Costa Rica is also in this area. It is better to rent a car for this breathtaking journey through the Central Valley. Within this journey you can experience the authentic and natural live of the people who live in outskirts of big cities, beach towns and small towns.

Central valley is the heart of Costa Rica. Rural areas of Central Valley are ideal for tourism. Tryrrialba and Lrazu volcanoes are very famous destination among tourists. Many people

 Many National parks are located in this area. They help to protect the primary volcanoes. All necessary transport facilities and infrastructures are there to view birds, fabulous landscape, craters and forests.

Though Costa Rica is famous in the world as the most peaceful country in the region, the crime rate is still in a significant level for travellers. So be careful about your safety.

Llanos de Cortes Waterfall

La Fortuna Waterfall

This is a small waterfall. But there are many activities to do besides the water. The gorgeous waterfall is near the Bagaces town in Costa Rica. The height of this waterfall is 28 metres. This is a hidden waterfall in the thick jungle. So it is fairly unknown to many tourists. Recently relevant municipality has taken the management. After that some safely improvements have been taken. Walking or siting under the waterfall is prohibited. 

There are lifeguards to look out about swimmers and climbers. The waterfall is open daily from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm. Entrance peace is $7 per person. It is safe if you park your vehicle in the official car park. There are free bathrooms and changing rooms at the park. You can go the waterfall even by bus.

Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best sports fishing country in the world. Deep sea fishing as well as coastal and inland fishing is very popular among tourists. This country is very famous marlin; a beautiful blue fish. Normally the length of a marlin fish is 11 feet. The weight is between 100 – 200 kilos. Sail fish is another target of sport fishers.

The largest lake in the country is Lak Arenal. It is the most popular place for inland sport fishing. You can see the Arenal volcano in the background of this lake. Your guide will show you the best fishing spots. You need to get a fishing permit by paying $15 per head. It is valid for a week. You can get the permit online.

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is a district in Costa Rica. It is in the Nicoya peninsula. The Daniel Oduber is the nearest International airport to fly to Tamarindo. The flight time is 45 minutes. This is the largest beach town in Costa Rica.  This beach with white sand is a paradise for tourists. The perfect landscape of this bay beach is a part of Baulas National Park. This fantastic beach extends to a three and a half kilometres. Almost all the facilities, need for tourists are there. Tamarindo beach is good for swimming, fishing, surfing and other water sports. At times the currents here can be strong. So it is better to follow the posted advisories. Any way this beach is perfect for those who begin surf with the guidance of guides.

There are villas, hotels and lodges to stay safely in Costa Rica. Sometimes these places are expensive. It depends on the facilities. But you can choose low-cost option like camping, hotels and small eco-guest houses.  

Majority of the population speak Spanish. But English speaking people are not rare. You can manage your necessities because those who are engaging in accommodation can speak English.  By contacting travel agents you can arrange your tip successfully.

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