Why People Love Travel to Norway


As a Scandinavian country, surrounded with a ring of panoramic hills; Norway is re-targeted as a paradise. Natural beauty as well as freedom for human activities is very high Norway. Elegant mountains decorated with glaciers, deep coastal fjords, contribute highly for the enrichment of beauty of this country.  Total coastal line is nearly 25,148 km, the elongated shape has held for these lengthy coasts, Norwegians are trying to give green solution for their environmental problems. We can consider Norway as one of the most mountainous country in Europe. Norway is world famous for its Fjords. There are more than thousand Fjords in Norway. The best time to visit Norway is between May and June and between September and October. 



Sognefjord as the longest fjord in Norway it is considered as the king of the fjord. That is the common idea of the public. Sognefjord is a place where any tourists should not miss in their unforgettable trip to Norway. You may become dumbfounded with the incredible sceneries around this fjord. The cultural value as well as the natural beauty is very high. In every nook and corners of the Sognefjord you can find out something with a cultural value. This incredible fjord split into various branches like spreading arms. These branches go to the roots of glaciers and foot of soaring peak mountains. If you travel 47 miles along the Rv 5 highway via E 16, within 1 ½ hours you are in the vicinity of Sognefjord. In the end of your highway trip, you can reach the Mannheller-Fodnesa ferry crossing.

A ferry service is ready to take you through Sognefjord. There is car ferry service to help you in this adventurous journey. You can join to express boat service which goes between Flam and Bale strand.  To get the trip more successful, there are many customers supportive services. So, they will ease your journey.

Bergen Norway

Bergen is and ancient harbour district with old buildings. You can see them in various colours. Many buildings belong to 14th to 16th centuries. These buildings are mainly commercial. Bergen is so valuable that UNESCO has accepted it as a world heritage. When you visit this historical place, do not miss to pay your attention the old fish market.

Atlantic Ocean Road

Atlantic Ocean Road

This amazing road runs from the village of Karvag in Averoy to Vevang in Hustadvika, embracing the coolness of the Atlantic Ocean. This road goes touching many small islands. The total length of this road is 8.3 km. While going on the Atlantic Road you have to pass eight bridges including the longest bridge; Storseisundent Bridge. The total length of this bridge is 260m while the longest span is 130 m. This bridge connects the mainland to the island of Averoy. This is one of the accepted tourist routs by the Norway government if this road is so beautiful, a slight danger of high tide may come at times. When the sea get rough the driving is scary. But the vibrant charm 5 m of the road sides is high and the tourists’ attraction is also high.

Along the Atlantic Road there are several tourist points to facilitate the tourists. You can have dining and engage other sport activities like fishing and scuba diving. In the true sense of the word this is the world’s most scenic drive.

Lofoten Island

Lofoten Island

Lofoten Island with seven other islands has an area of 1227 sq.km. For those who admire rugged beauty, this island is ideal. However, this island is not within an easy reach. Lofton is famous for midnight sun. Around 3.5 hours you can reach to the island by air. However, keep in mind that there is no direct flight to Lofoten. In a way Lofoten tour is mainly a relaxing tour. The trip would give you a high concession. It is a heaven for those who lead a busy life. On the other hand, you can have a fishing trip It will give a calm and quiet happiness.  

Lofoten is very famous for hiking, climbing, Artic Surfing and many other sports events. For adventure seekers this island is ideal.



Geinrangerfjord is in the Strand Municipality. As one of the most beautiful fjords tourist’s attraction is very high. This is also a world heritage. Geirangerfjoord is 250m.deep. Around this beautiful fjord soaring peaks are abundant. Most peaks go up to 1600 m. Vibrant charm of the ring of hills are jaw-dropping. You can go to Geiranger fjord by a bus from Oslo. Night busses are also available there ti go to Geiroangerfjord. There are number of magnificent cascading waterfalls on the sides of the fjord. This has gone to the UNESCO list of world heritage.

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