“Uncovering the Beauty and Charm of Italy: A Comprehensive Guide to Italy’s Culture, Cuisine, and Landmarks”


Italy is an European country. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a long Mediterranean coastline and a glorious history.  As well as its natural beauty its art and culture are highly rich. Italian people always appreciate their traditions. Italian history goes back to 753 BC and it is very interesting to study for the people with a sense of history. The capital city of Italy is Rome where the Vatican state is in its territory.

Though the mother tongue of Italy is Italian more than one fourth of the population can speak English. So Italian Language is not essential to travel in Italy. You can manage with English language in places like hotels, restaurants, tourist areas and airports. Among the Italian people, they have a liking toward the western culture. So it is easy to associate with them cordially. 

Italy is rich with its panoramic mountains. Among these mountains the great mountain range of  Alps is prominent. The grandeur of Alps mountain range goes to eight European countries including Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France. This Alpine range stretches nearly 1200 km connecting those eight countries.

Best places to visit in Italy

Among the most popular vacation destination in the world in summer season, Italy takes a prominent place. To arrange your trip to Italy, there are travel companies to help you. Try to contact them before you arrange your historical journey to Italy.


Venice has a grand history of 1500 years. Venice is a peculiar city in Italy. The special feature  of it is that the roads are very rare in it. Almost all the transportation system connects with canals.  There are enough water busses, water cars, boats and ferry services in Venice.

Venice is in the Adriatic Sea. There are more than thousand small islands belong to Venice.  As there are more islands, amount of bridges are high. Some bridges belong to private sector. These islands connect each other by water canals. So traveling in Venice is very interesting.  Though the Venice is a regional capital, it is also an island itself. The grand canal in Venice is ‘S’ shaped one. The shape adds an extra beauty to the canal.

The oldest bridge in Venice is Rialto Bridge. This is a stone arch bridge. This ancient bridge has won the hearts of tourists. This historic bridge belongs to the 16th century. So It is valuable to visit this bridge for those who love and appreciate ancient monuments.

Sicily in Italy


The shape of the land of Italy is very similar to a ‘boot’. In this ‘boot’ Sicily is the ‘toe’. Sicily is a very valuable place to visit. There are well preserved seven historical monuments in Sicily. All these monuments are in the Visitors can see some of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples. In a way there are even better than those in Greece at present.

The Cathedral of Monreale, Villa Romana del Castle, Eastern Temples at Syracause, Palermo Cathedral, the picturesque Ceafalu view on Isola Bella from Taormina and No to- a beautiful baroque town in Sicily are some of valuable monuments that you should add to your must-see list.

The best time to visit Sicily is from May to June. If you miss above period September to November is good to visit Sicily.

There are many tourist companies to help you in arranging your Sicily trip. If you get their help your historic visit to Italy will become easy and successful. These companies have many experience.

But be little cautious about travel restrictions and quarantine policies in Italy because of this Corona pandemic. Anyway it is well worth to visit Italy.

Mount Etna


Mount Etna is in the east coast of Italy. This is an active strato-volcano.  This mountain is in the city of Catania. Mount Etna spew ash and lava periodically. This activation has happened from thousands of years. Mount Etna is the highest and largest volcano in Europe. This is 3350 meters high. The soil of the Etna Mountain is very rich; specially ideal for fruits, grapes and olive cultivation.  

For hikers, Mount Etna offers attractive trails. If you wish to climb the Mount Etna, ideal time is in the early morning or after getting dark. Then only you can see the natural beauty of eruption of a volcano. There are official guiders to help you to hike all the way to the crater. If you wish to climb the mount, it is advisable to keep in mind the risk, because Etna is an active volcano.

Aeolina Islands in Italy  


There are seven islands belongs to the Aeolina island group. These beautiful islands are off the coast of Sicily. All these islands are volcanic and they are in the list of UNESCO world heritage. The most popular island among the seven is Stromboli. The best place to stay in the Aeolina trip is Panarea. It is 3 km long and 2 km wide Island. This small island is remote, but all needed facilities are there. All Resorts, Boutiques, Hotels, Inns and Vilas in Aeolina islands are ready to accommodate you.

Best Things to do in Venice in Italy

Arranging a gondola trip is a breathtaking experience.  Gondola is a traditional flat bottomed boat, rowing with an oar. Sweet memories of going from island to island in a gondola would keep in your mind for a long period.

In your unforgettable trip to Italy you can arrange a Vatican, Sistine and St.Peter’s Basilica trip.  It will be an emotional experience for you.  By booking a group tour, you can save your valuable time and you will be able to cover many valuable places in Italy.

As one of the most famous lark, St. Marks Square is a main public place in Venice. This square is world famous for its beauty. According to the Napoleon’s description this is the ‘Drawing Room’ of Europe. The enchanting square is open from 9.30 am to 5.oo pm. On Sundays and public holidays, opening hours can be changed. So better to pay your attention about it.

Visit the Bridge of Sighs

Visiting the Bridge of Sighs is also a must in your trip to Italy; specially in Venice trip. This is an ancient bridge which belongs to year 1600. Legend says that the name ‘Bridge of Sighs’ came from prisoners who happened to cross the bridge sighed because they knew that within a very short period they were in the prison cell. It meant that they were going to lose their freedom.  This is an arched bridge built with limestone.  There are windows also in this historic bridge.

There are many unforgettable creations in Venice and other parts of Italy. So it is better to contact a tourist company to arrange your trip to Italy.

Other events to enjoy in Italy is 78th Venice film festival. It is scheduled to be started from 1st t September. The history of thes film festival goes back to year 1932. For this valuable film festival most successful world class films directors present their selected films annually.  So try to participate for the world’s oldest film festival.

Venice Carnival


Venice carnival is another attractive and pleasing event you can enjoy thoroughly.  Venice Acheulian types of masks are  there in this carnival.  This carnival is world famous for elaborate Masks. It will give you an unforgettable fun and deep relaxations.  As a participant you also can wear a mask and take part for the Carnival.  This is an annual festival held in Venice. The beginning of the world-famous carnival had started in the year of 1162.  People of Venice had gathered in Venice to celebrate a victory of a prolonged war.  After that it has become an annual festival.  Artists and common public joined to  the Venice Carnival Duration of the carnival is about two weeks . So come and join the carnival and enjoy it by yourself. You can book a luxury hotel or Homes or apartment, You can book hotels according to your necessities with the Tripadvisor ® website. 

Beaches near Venice

Among many beautiful beaches Cavallino beach is  prominent. Many visitors around the world come and enjoy in this trouble free beach. White sand, calmness and clean waters are the main features of attraction for tourists to Venice beaches. Sottomarina, Sanda Cristina, Isola delle Rose, Purta Sabbioni and lido di jesolo are some other beaches in Venice which you can get a heartfelt enjoyment from. You can get help from Tripadvice ® web to make your beach trip in Venice successful.  

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